We offer consulting services that fall under the broad heading Operations Research. The aim is to support business and industrial activities such as decision making, risk management, growth, planning, and resource management by using research tools from mathematics, statistics and data science. We like scaling mountains, so bring us the problems that are your greatest challenges; this is where we can add significant value to your business.

It helps us (and you) that we get to know your business well, so our philosophy is about developing ongoing partnerships: When you need us, we do the research and analysis, and report the results back to you in depth. We deliver the information. You take it from there. Then, we check in, use the feedback for fine tuning, and so forth.

Data Analysis

We put data to work. Used correctly, data can be leveraged to find business insights. These can range from marketing, human resource management to productivity, and customer relationships. We support businesses who want to get the most out of their data.


We build models. These are not the fashion-type, but abstractions of various real world situations using mathematics. Mathematical models are useful tools for prediction, simulation and testing. This in turn, can support various business processes. If there is an industrial or business situation that you would like us to take-a-part, then we will delve into our toolkit and build a formal model. Whatever the problem is you will get the insights and advantages of a thorough end to end analysis.

Risk Analysis

We use formal quantitative methods from banking, economics and econometrics to make sense of business risk. This can be as simple as modeling the risk of a once-off choice or as complex as the risk analysis of complete business operations from the ground up.


We put your instincts, intuitions and ideas into a rational framework. This supports you to make informed, evidence based decisions in the face of uncertainty, and when resources and time are limited. Here is where political science, maths, and economics combines so that you can take the best step forward in a crisis.

Algorithm Design

We navigate the waters of cutting edge research and provide value for our clients by designing and developing state-of-the-art algorithms for their businesses. These can form the backbone of new software; or provide step by step protocols for company processes.