north quotient

Why think further?

One of our great human capacities is the ability to envision things differently. It is easy to see the changes we would like to make in our heads. However, ideas are very fragile, how do ideas become reality?

People argue that the devil is in the details, but actually (if you’ll excuse me) it is the devil of carefully thinking out the details that really matters. An idea has to be incubated, before it can be born, and this incubation is vitally important. Often we make decisions and find good solutions that work but don’t persist with them for long enough. They never get to take root and we revert to our old patterns of doing things. We decide on a strategy and can’t get our teams to work it, or to believe in our vision. Maybe the strategy has to to take all these factors into account? Perhaps a consultants role is to co-create things and go beyond making recommendations.

If we want our results to change, then its our responsibility to create them differently. The first task, however, is to form accurate perceptions before acting. There is detailing the plan, and then there is detailing the resistance: the pitfalls, snags and hidden agendas, and being prepared for these. It goes beyond the initial vision. We’ve got to ask the question, in business (and in life) what will get in the way of this new way of thinking and being? And, then the question of who is willing to stand along side us on this path?

North Quotient’s model for business consulting is to start by seeing things accurately and then to be available for support, time and again. We are independent and distant from your business. We don’t understand the operations as well as you do, our job is to make sense of things from our other perspective. We arrive from a different destination but we’re willing and tenacious. We use tools like mathematics and economics, when they are appropriate, to make sense of whats going on. Mainly we listen, think, and figure out what is.

And once this perceiving is done, there is an element of artistry and of risk. It’s the space where a vision of what’s possible can be formed. This space is where we partner with you to work on the new.